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About Us


PLUGZ Electric Bikes are meant to be the best Economical and Ecological commuter tools.


Our comfortable cruisers are designed and built with all the necessary features and quality parts to be a reliable every day tool. Everything in the bike has been specced to make it as convenient and long lasting as possible

We provide a One Year Warranty.


               - - - - - -  They are not ''lazy'' peole's bikes, they are SMART people's bikes ! - - - - - - - -


Why PLUGZ's e-bike is PERFECT FOR YOU ?

Because it adapts exactly to your needs ! Indeed, with its pedal assit option and/or throttle option, it provides the perfect mix between working out and being draged along. You control the exercise you want to do make and arrive sweat free and stil full of energy at work/ school/ party. Thanks to this bike, there are no more impossible places in San Francisco, climbing the hills has never been so easy ! More over, you can go and park every where without getting a ticket ! (what a gain of time and money). Last but not least, its convenient basket is perfect to carry all your staff along with you. Not to mention of course that this bike is 100% eco friendly !

Scared of biking in the traffic ? No worries : the throttle option, make it safer because you can free yourself  from the cars by reacting/starting more quickly


BE CAREFULL : you might create jealousy !



PLUGZ Location :


757 Beach Street

San Francisco, CA 94109


Open everyday 8am-8pm.


Telephone : 1 877 737 5849 or 1 877 SF.PLUGZ

E-mail us : info@plugz-rental.com